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It is cold and wet today~

I am feeling lazy today. We were supposed to have a young man come rake leaves today and he didn't show up - can't blame him because it is drizzly and cold. He knocked on our door yesterday afternoon and offered.. Jim said he was about 10 years old and his parent/adult was driving him in a mini-van... $25.00 for our front yard(worth it). Jim said okay... he is probably needing Christmas money. Said he'd be back today about the same time. A no show LOL. WE HAVE A LOT OF LEAVES TOO! But like I said it is cold and wet.

We'll give him another chance before we rake our leaves. (we? LOL I mean Jim)

I'm sure our neighbors to the right of us would really like us to rake... they have raked several times already. Why? Let them all fall first. I personally love them. I love walking in them.

Didn't get the boys this weekend and Tonya was supposed to bring Shelby by for her birthday present... but didn't show either.

I think tonight will be a early to bed... I am cold and sleepy. I am dreading work tomorrow... yuck!

Friday is my liver doc appt... I was supposed to take my last shot this past Friday and skipped it. I am done for awhile... I need a break!

Well gonna close and check e-mail.

(I know this was a boring post but just felt I needed to post something)
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