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HCV Journal looking for stories

The International Journal of Drug Policy is inviting contributions to a forthcoming special issue on responses to the hepatitis epidemic among IDU s. Guest editors Samuel R. Friedman, Walter Cavalieri, Nick Crofts, Annie Madden, Avril Taylor, and Nick Walsh are particularly interested in including personal articles, stories, and analytical articles based on the direct experiences (including collective efforts to improve things) of people affected by hepatitis C including current injecting drug users and former injecting drug users. These articles might cover issues such as personal stories about living with hepatitis C; facing discrimination and stigma; experiences trying to avoid getting hepatitis C in community settings and/or in prisons; pregnancy; childbirth and parenting when you
have hepatitis C; difficulties of gaining access to treatment for the disease; and what it is like to undergo hepatitis C treatment.

The editors will offer assistance to anyone who has such person experience and would like help writing an abstract. Please contact Thus we especially seek to include articles by those with experience in these areas. If you are co-editor Annie Madden at for assistance, or Sam Friedman at for more information.

The deadline for submission of outline abstracts is April 1, 2006.
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